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Most of the nature and wildlife photographs on this site are available for sale as individual fine art archival pigment prints. Each is hand-made to order using archival pigment inks and papers. And the prints possess far more beauty and detail than you can see on your monitor. These signed prints would make a very personal gift for a friend or family member.

How to order and pay

Ordering a print is simple. When viewing an image in a collection at large size, look at the bottom left. There you will find the ID of the photo that you can include in the email you send me (or just drag the image into the email) with the information about the size you want.

I will then send you an email with PayPal information for you to pay. Since I use PayPal and can therefore accept various payment options. You do not need to sign up with PayPal to pay. When I get you order I will mail out your finished and signed print within a few days.

You will receive a confirmation email after your order is received by me. I will not share customer information with third parties.

About limited editions

My fine-art prints are offered in open edition only, I don’t offer limited editions at an inflated price as I feel that the practice of limited editions is somewhat obsolete because of continuing improvements in printing technologies and my personal improvement as a print maker.

I would like to offer the very best photograph I am capable of making today rather than sell a print from an edition of prints made years ago. My prints are all individually made to order and each print is individually printed, dated, and signed. I prepare each print with great care, and the limitations of my time make my prints naturally few and precious. You can read more about my views on open and limited editions and my provenance in my essay “About Print Editions”.


I believe that every artist has a responsibility to fund their own work and art, but I try to maintain as low a price as possible to allow as many as possible to enjoy my images. There is no point in creating artwork that “real people” can’t afford to own.

Size and price list

I sell prints in one of four different paper sizes at the following prices in addition to collections of images organised as a folio:

Size Dimension Price
A4 210 * 297 mm USD $55
A3 297 * 420 mm USD $65
A3+ 328 * 483 mm USD $75
A2 420 * 594 mm USD $95
Folio 8.5” * 11” USD $195

The price is the cost of the print. In addition a fee of $20 is added to handle the cost of packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world. This is a flat fee that is the same regardless of how many prints that are ordered, so you will save on shipping cost by buying several prints at once.

This is the size of the paper the image is printed on. The size of the image itself on the print will vary, depending on the format of the image itself, and all images will have a border at each edge of at least 10mm (A4 size) to 20mm (A2 size) to make it easy to mat. Prints are signed and dated below the image area on the right side. Prints are shipped rolled in a sturdy mailing tube. To keep the cost of a print as low as possible prints are not matted. You will be free to choose your own matte at a local framer.

Example print sheet

Example of how an A4 print in horizontal orientation looks.

Guarantee of satisfaction

I want you to enjoy your artwork for years to come and to have wonderful memories associated with it. So to ensure that, I will give you the following guarantees:

Thirty days, 100% money back guarantee

The compressed images on this website cannot do justice to the fine detail and rich colors of my fine-art prints. I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality of my prints, and I offer a “no questions asked” return policy to help assure you. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the print within thirty days and I’ll give you back all your money, plus the charges for the return shipping. I can’t save you from the hassle of returning the work, but I’ll make sure it didn’t cost you any money.

No arguments, no hassles, no hidden clauses. Judging artwork by an on-line image is a chancy business, even when the images are very good, and I don’t want anyone to feel dissatisfied. That’s why I give you the guarantee that there is no monetary risk for you to buy a print from me.

Lifetime Fade-free warranty

All my work is printed using fade-free fine art archival papers and inks. All my artwork comes with my Fade Free Warranty designed to protect your investment: if your artwork was to fade I will replace it at no charge for as long as you own it. No questions asked, just return the artwork to me and I will ship you a new piece right away.

Most combination of the paper and inks I use are rated at well over 100 years from Wilhelm Imaging Research. So even your great, great grandchildren could still be enjoying the prints you buy.

I print, inspect and sign each photo myself

Each print is individually printed, dated, and signed.

You are receiving a print that both lives up to my highest quality standards and one that truly represents my creative vision & intent. A guarantee not to be overlooked, as many photographers choose not to print their own photos, instead relying on others to interpret their work. Countless hours have been spent perfecting each and every print I create.

Your package is insured

I want you to receive your artwork in perfect condition. To this end I take all the necessary precautions so that your photograph is not damaged during shipping. But if for some reason your package was damaged during shipping, you are covered by my exclusive free replacement warranty. Just email me and return the damaged item, and I will ship you a brand new piece at no extra charge.


I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and enjoy displaying my artwork in your home or office. If this is not the case just return the artwork to me and I will refund your money.


I ship worldwide.

Shipping is done with registered airmail and shipping time is 2-3 days inside Norway, 3-5 days to Europe and up to 11 days for the rest of the world. Orders will be sent within a few days after i receive the order unless I’m away or traveling. You will receive a confirmation email after I get your order.

My prices increase regularly

My expenses when making my prints is increasing at the same rate as everything else, and I therefore have to increase my prices regularly to cover my expenses.

This pricing structure also guarantees that your investment increases in value proportionally. And it means that the best time to buy is now. All orders placed after a price increase are billed at the new prices. I do reserve the right to change my prices at any time without notice.


To return a print, first contact me for the go-ahead. Email is fine for this. I would like to know why you’re returning it, but you’re not obligated to give me any reason. I want to know when to expect the package, and that you know I’m in town to get it.

Ship the print back to me sturdily packaged, and insured for the full amount you paid for it. The print has to come back to me completely undamaged, or you don’t get your money back until the carrier pays up on the insurance.

When I get the print and determine it’s in pristine condition, I’ll send you your money with PayPal for the amount you paid me, plus the charges for the return shipping. I can’t save you from the hassle of returning the work, but I’ll make sure it didn’t cost you any money.

This guarantee applies to artwork purchased directly from me. This guarantee does not apply to pieces that were custom signed/dedicated, nor to pieces which were altered, modified, re-framed or re-matted by third parties. This guarantee applies to the original owner.


Stock Photographs, Licensing and Publishing Projects; I welcome all inquiries regarding using my images for publishing projects.


Send me an email if you have any questions or comments about this website, my essays, want to buy a print, discuss terms for noncommercial redistribution or licensing for commercial use or publication, I would love to hear from you.

Ronny A. Nilsen