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The small mountain Tekslehogget, rises 721 meter above sea level. While not a big mountain, it has a shape that is easy to recognise from a long distance. The west side of the mountain, as seen in this photograph, is very steep. Old tales indicate that trolls lived here.

I find this small mountain very visually fascinating, and have photographed it on many occasions. This is my portfolio of what I consider my best images of the mountain up until now.

Tekslehogget itself is frequently visited by hikers, but the surrounding area where I make my images is for the most part void of other people. I have yet to meet another person on my hiking in this area, and I have not taken my last photograph of Tekslehogget. So I will continue to hike in this area and photograph more, and change this collection as my vision of Tekslehogget is developing.