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These images is from a winter afternoon at Gjømlevatnet in Norway.

Not many people would know where this small body of water is located, beside the locals. And all the letters in the name isn’t even on the keyboard on computers outside of Norway.

But combine this small unknown body of water, with a cold winter day, some snow, fog and a sun that at best hangs low in the sky during the winter.

The result you get, is something that belongs in a fairytale, a fairytale with a soft light, and a stillness that instills one with a sense of magic.


This collection of images is currently published as a folio in addition to single prints. The folio can be bought, and is a collection of prints in a presentation folder.

The images in the folio are also published as in a PDF documents that are free to download. The PDF documents show the images far better, and in higher resolution, than what is possible on the web.### What you get

  • Folio is 8½x11”
  • Images are approx. 7x10” (Landscape) and 9x8” (Portrait)
  • The prints
    • Folio text pages:
    • Title page
    • List of photograph titles in the folio
    • Colophon
  • Printed on archival paper with archival inks
  • Embossed art paper enclosure

To read more about what a folio is, go to my page Folios to read more and see all availabe folios.

Ronny A. Nilsen

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