This my essays on thing related to photography, and represent my views and opinions on this matter.

Image Enhancements

11 minute read

My goal with my art photography, is to create artwork that portray the landscape as I see it, and that is meant for the viewer to find both inspiring and enj...

A New Perspective

1 minute read

Ordinarily when taking photographs, the limit on where a photograph can be taken is limited to where you can place your tripod, and how high or low you can g...

About Print Editions

3 minute read

Many photographers artificially limit the number of prints they will produce from a given image by offering numbered editions or limited editions of a given ...

What is a Fine Art Print?

1 minute read

Many photographers, my self included, uses the terms Fine Art Print or Fine Art Photography about their prints. But what does it really mean?

The Watchman

3 minute read

Some locations and landscapes is photographed more often than others. And few sights are more photographed than The Watchman as seen from the Virgin river br...

Why am I Taking these Photographs?

1 minute read

This was the title of an essay by Steve Zigler that I read on Alain Briot’s website And it got me thinking. Why am I taking all thes...