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The website The Quiet Landscape was completely redesigned in 2021.

For many years the old site was working fine on a computer screen, but these days everybody is surfing the web on a smart phone, so this new design is responsive and will work well on any device you should use, also on computers.

The old site

This redesign an re-implementation of the whole site was long overdue. The technology behind the old site was something I programmed myself almost 25 years ago. The site was built up based on a combination of the Apache web server with extensions, and some CGI-scripts that I have written myself to make it very easy to maintain the site and it’s content. The old site did get a facelift with a new design almost 10 years ago, to give it a cleaner and modern look, but at that time people was still surfing the net on computers, so I didn’t bother with mobile devices in the design.

The new site tech

This time the site supports mobile devices, iPads and computers well! I have done all the work myself this time as well, but made the effort easier by using Jekyll. That is a tool for generating static websites and blogs. This means that it is very easy to host the website anywhere. The downside is that you have to be a computer wizard to get things to work 100% the way you want it to. So this is not for everyone. I had to learn new programming languages to make the new site, but that is what I consider fun, so I didn’t see that as a problem.

The images on the new site is also uploaded in much higher resolution to better support all the new devices with high resolution screens, and to make the viewing experience much better for everybody.

The new site should also be very fast to load new pages, so the overall experience of this site should be much improved for everybody.

The Design


Adjective - With little or no sound; denoting absence of disturbing noise.

The over all design principle for the sign have been to keep it as simple and quiet as possible, with just enough styling to make it easy to recognise it at as The Quiet Landscape, and let the images and text speak for itself.

Ronny A. Nilsen