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Folios are a cross between a book and a portfolio. Like a book, folios have room for many pages, many images, and even text or text signatures. But unlike a book, they are not bound, but rather are individual sheets.

What is a folio?

A folio is an unbound collection of unmatted original fine art images. The folio is something between a portfolio and a book. My folios are small 8.5 by 11 inches, and designed to be hand held. The size is perfect for handling and viewing the images up close. The prints can be matted and framed if if that is what you want to do.

There are usually 3 text pages: the title page, list of images and a colophon. All folios are signed on on the title page of the text pages and on the back of each individual print.

Folios work great as a “coffee table” unbound book. Individual prints can be framed in small groups or as a triptych. Individual prints can also be given as gifts. My folios are meant to be used much like a book, with the ability to view the prints up close and to enjoy the tactile feel of the fine art paper on which they are printed. At the same time each of the photos are of the same archival quality as my fine art prints

The Benefits of Owning a Folio

In short you get fine art prints that you can handle and enjoy as often as you like, without incurring the cost of having to matte and frame a print. And you don’t need more wall space in your home to enjoy my folios.

My folios comes in a folio cover that protects the images, so you don’t need to worry too much about storage and handling, like you would have to with matted prints.

Folio Covers

The folio covers that holds everything together, is from Royal Complements 100 lb. acid- and lignin-free paper manufactured with 30% recycled post-consumer fiber. The paper is also Green Seal. and Forest Stewardship Council certified. I buy my die cut folio covers from Dane Creek Folio Covers. I then hand assembles and make everything else by hand.

The concept of the folio that I’m using, comes from Brooks Jensen, publisher of the LensWork Magazine. He came up with the folio concept and name many years ago.

PDF publishing

In addition to making the folios, I also make a PDF publication of the images in each folio. This PDF file is free to download. These PDF documents is best viewed in full screen mode, and have high resolution images so you really can enjoy the images compared to what is possible on the web.

Brooks Jensen has also made a Lenswork PDF Publishing on DVD that goes into detail on how to design and publish you own PDF documents.

Ronny A. Nilsen

Available Folios

This is my currently published folios. Each folio can be bought, and is a collection of prints in a presentation folder. The images in the folios are also published as PDF documents that are free to download. The PDF documents show the images far better, and in higher resolution, than what is possible on the web.

Eastern Sierra

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These images is from Eastern Sierra in California, USA. Eastern Sierra It is sparsely populated but well known for its scenery.

37 minutes and 24 seconds

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These images is of a morning photographing a single yucca plant, from dawn to sunrise in December 2007.


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These images is from a winter afternoon at Gjømlevatnet in Norway.