This is a list of my articles on photography. They generally are of a more technical and fact based nature than my essays.

Project Teslehogget

1 minute read

The small mountain Tekslehogget, rises 721 meter above sea level. While not a big mountain, it has a shape that is easy to recognise from a long distance. Th...


3 minute read

Folios are a cross between a book and a portfolio. Like a book, folios have room for many pages, many images, and even text or text signatures. But unlike a ...

Backpacks For Photographers

6 minute read

I’m looking for a backpack that not only can carry all the camera gear I want, but also let me take along extra clothing, food etc. for longer day trips or a...

Build a View Camera with your Canon R5

10 minute read

Having a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) or a digital single-lens mirrorless (DSLM) as they are known as, or even an old fasion digital single-...

How to View Images on the Web

2 minute read

The images on this site is made to look as close to the original prints as possible when viewed on the web, but because of the limitations of the default col...

Site Information

1 minute read

The website The Quiet Landscape was completely redesigned in 2021.

The Making of 'Tsegi Overlook at Dawn'

3 minute read

This is the backstory on how i took the image Tsegi Overlook, and the work done in Lightroom and Photoshop to arrive at the final image of this scene origina...

Copyright Information

1 minute read

All of the images on this site were photographed by me and I own the copyright on them. This means that you cannot redistribute or republish them in any form...

Caring For Your Prints

1 minute read

Here is some tips on what you can do to preserve your prints the best way to ensure that they have a long life.