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Sarpsborg, Norway / August 2015


Added a new essay about photographing from the air. You can find the essay here.


Added a new essay about the making of "Tsegi Overlook". You can find the essay here.


Two of my PDF folios are now published in the readers PDF gallery at LensWork Online. If you are not a subscriber to LensWork Online, you can download the PDFs from my folio pages here.


A page with some of my images fra a workshop in Arizona with Alain Briot and Jeff Schewe is now published here.


Completely reworked the CSS styling of the site. Hope you like the new look.


Added a new essay about photographing The Watchman in Zion. You can find the essay here.


Added some new pictures from a photo trip to Utah. you can find the images here.


Added some new pictures to the site.


A new article on my general keywording workflow in LR3 is published. Lightroom 3 Technique: Keywords.



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I have now put online two folios for sale. There is also high resolution PDF's of the folios that can be downloaded for free!


As of April 2010, HP has discontinued the B9180 and it's sibling the B8850. This means that as times goes by it will become harder to get support, repairs and ink to this line of printers. Time to start checking out what printer to buy to replace this one when it dies.


Canon have released a firmware upgrade to the Canon 5D MkII camera, adding several new features to video control. You can download the upgrade here.


Finally adding some newly processed pictures from last year to various collections and to new images.


My image White Sands dawn won the Digital ImageMaker April competition.


Canon have released a firmware upgrade to the Canon 5D MkII camera, adding manual video control. You can download the upgrade here.


Added new eqipment to the photo backpack article here.


I have added some new images to recently added images.


Reorganized the front page and moved the old front page to the welcome page.


A new article on different backpack solutions for carrying all the camaeragear in the wilderness in now online.


New images from a resent shoot added to my Canary Islands page.


I'm doing an experiment where I put up a selection of images that you can buy as high resolution images that you can print yourself. I'm also giving away one image for free so you can see what this offer is all about!

Read about this exiting news and get your image here!


I'm in the process if reorganizing the image collections. So images will be moved to new sections, while some will remain where they are. And some images will be removed to make room for new one.


Adobe has released LightRoom 2.3. It can be found here.


New images from a resent shoot added to my recently added images page.


I'm going through my archives, and have added several new images to many of the images collections, and added a new page that will contain recently added images.


My essay Image Enhancements is now published on Alain Briots site beautiful-landscape.com


I have added a new section to the about section called How to View the Images with tips on how to adjust your screen for best viewing images on this site (and the web in general).


I have added a new section to the site called Digital Darkroom where I will put up articles about tips and tricks about how to work with images on a computer.

The first article is a description of my workflow in LR2 using smart collections and keywords.


My take on what Image Enhancements is, are now available: Image Enhancements


My article from "Naturfotografen" about my workshop with Alain Briot in december 2007 in New Mexico, is now available here.


Great news, I will have 5 photographs on displayed and for sale at this exhibition. All money will go to the charity.

"SILVER EYE" International Photographic Exhibition - in aid of the St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich

The Open Photographic Society has invited photographers from around the globe to exhibit portraits and landscapes, underwater and wildlife pictures, fashion and sports images, stunning macro-photography, creative digital work and computer-generated images. Most exhibits, including some signed limited edition prints, will be offered for sale to raise money for the charity - FREE ADMISSION.

Robert Cross Hall, Corn Exchange, Ipswich Suffolk IP1 1DH

Tuesday 28 Oct 08 to Saturday 8 Nov 08

Opening hours are 1030 - 2000 except Saturday 1 November 0930 - 1930, Monday 3 November 1030 - 1700 and Saturday 8 November 0930 - 1700.


Made some changes to the styling of the site.


The site is now fully back online after a complete server breakdown.


My take on what a Fine Art Print is, are now available: What is a Fine Art Print?


New image collection of Capercaillie taken in Norway in the spring of 2007.


Added new content to HP B9180 article.


New image collection from Three Rivers.