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Manly Beacon, Zabriskie Point - panorama

Manly Beacon, Zabriskie Point - panorama

Death Valley, USA / November 2015

Here you will find some collections of my images grouped by different criteria, like motive or location. Just click on an image to see the associated collection.


This is a collection of images recently added to the site.

Nature and landscapes

Making images of the outdoors is my primary interest when I'm out photographing. Public awareness of the beauty of nature helps to create interest in protecting it, and nature photography helps to create public awareness of nature.


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Here is a collection of some of my wildlife animal photographs. Usually I will not go out to photograph animals and build a shelter etc., but if I see an animal on my walks, I will of course take some photographs.

Wood Grouse

These images of the Wood Grouse is from one of those occasions where i did make a shelter and spent a few days to photograph this bird.

Man Made

This is a collection of images where man made objects and architecture is the main theme of the image.

Drone Photography

This is a collection of images made with drones.


These images is collections from specific locations around the world.


Utah 2018

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California 2015

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Arizona 2013

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Utah 2012

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New Mexico 2007

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Images from around my home in LÝrenskog, Norway.


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Canary Islands

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