Ronny A. Nilsen

How my family sees me

How my family sees me

Lanzarote (Canary Islands), Spain / January 2007


Photgraphing in Canberra

Photography is one of my passionate interests. I bought my first SLR (a Canon A-1) in 1982, and have enjoyed this hobby as an amateur ever since. After more than 20 years of photographing with 35mm slide film, I went completely digital in 2004.

Getting a digital SLR have renewed my interest in photography, and I'm taking more pictures than ever. The ability to just shoot without having to think of cost, and to see result on the screen without wait is really a strong motivator to go out an take pictures. The added quality of the images from the DSLR today over 35mm film is also a great boost.

I have been totally self taught in photography, but recently I have crossed the world to study with master landscape photographer Alain Briot.

My goal in photography is to create artwork that portray the nature and landscape as I see it, and that I hope that you will find both inspiring and enjoyable. I love nature and hope my work can represent the beauty of nature. It is my hope that, through my images, I can share some of this beauty and passion with you.

Since I was born and live in Norway, you will find that many of my images is from Norway, but I also like to travel, so I have many images from all over the world.


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